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Two charming postcards from Tailand

I receive a postcard, which is a private swap from Prang, Tailand. It’s the view of Phi Phi Island. I’ve once read this lovely island from a tourist magzine, and I was very excited when I got a postcard of it. Thank you Prang.

Do you know how to say hello in Thai? Prang told us:

At the weekend, I received another wonderful one from Tailand, Suteemar is as the same age of Prang. She sent this one to me just because I mentioned the float market in the card I sent to her. How lovely she is! And you’ll see how interesting the float market is. Suteemar told me that everything in this market is cheap! I hope myself would be there.

Take a look at the stamps, fabulous! And without a postmark, whether of Tailand or China