Great swap from Natsumi, Japan

Natsumi is a high school student in Japan. Her handwriting is beautiful both in English and Chinese. I enjoy it very much.

I swapped three cards with her and received them the day before yesterday.

Another wonderful hello kitty I received from Japan, I love it especially the green background. But I’ve promised to give it to a friend 思佳. I slept with it one night and gave it as a gift to 思佳. If possible, I want to have this lovely one another day in future.

But I got another one related to hello kitty, Natsumi gave me as a gift, surprise!

It’s a postcard of sanrio 50th anniversary!

The second card from Natsumi is classical view of Mt. Fuji with cherry blooming, isn’t it fascinating?

The last one is about Maiko. I tole her that I want a card of kimono, so she picked this one for me. It’s charming, there are so many things attact me in Japan.

Although I like postcard without envelop, but she insist using it because of safety. And she picked the beautiful Christmas stamps for me.

Last but not the least, thank Natsumi for the lovely stickers of hello kitty. Different faces of Hello Kitty.

6 responses to this post.

  1. 欺负我看不懂E文……


  2. 倒数第三张乍一看像是站着的金龟子/飞蛾……anyway great cards japs are cuuuute!


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